Saturday, October 23, 2010

Reserve your Distributor yet?

Under normal circumstances, select agents or distributors to operate the enterprise market, or companies willing to lower their own reason why profit margins, it is because he did not have the capital to fight a protracted war, that is, there is not enough strength (especially funds) to independently market development, operation and maintenance. As a result, enterprise development (at least the development of a product chain) depends on whether the dedicated agents or distributors in the market with bids for business with? Willing to join hands with enterprises? In considering the basis of their own interests, whether to take into account the interests of enterprises? Therefore, once the agent or distributor problems, these enterprises will certainly a big headache.

I mentioned "how to choose agents? "I said that agents must choose their own, but no one's vision can be 100% accurate! Just as no one got on all sales as prospective customers!

How to reduce the potential agents or distributors crisis?

Personally, I think so: you give me a crisis, I would let you a sense of crisis! Let your so-called crisis I can not create a threat!

There are many companies like the commitment of the agents or dealers, "only to make you a" sort of thing, but I prefer with the addition of the premise: you can do in the market, meet the requirements of my subject! I'll give you a good enough profit, of course, can not not ask. We first screened the ability of the candidate to succeed the existing agents or the Distributor, to maintain good relations, but temporarily supply, once the problems of existing agents or distributors immediately replaced. In addition, you can tell your current Distributor: "By examining and contact the company, Gai region Hao Several possible to become Women's agents, I try to help you fight Youli conditions, you Yeyao good to do more Dian performance out, we all have Yougejiaodai, you can make more money, otherwise, I can not, we fear, are select agents can make the market bigger and cooperation, you say it? "listening After you these words, in addition to agents simply never want to take action for your product, otherwise he must respond, and this response must also be in your favor! Of course, your real alternate agents or who can not tell him, if he wants to ask, you will find a few more strong local told him, of course, but also vague, not so clear, Or you go back to the top one sentence: as long as you can market well, I'll protect you, you do not have to worry about! (Some people say, you is not deceiving you, to be honest! Honesty Yes, I very much support. There is also no bad faith, just a marketing ploy, you are still eligible for his product, so that he obtained He should get the reward, it is not faith What is this?) then you have to see how the other is to continue to guide your response, do not go into here!

Personal thought: reserve agents distributors, distributor sales model to choose the essential agent! You think?

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The correct partition, so 1.99G 2G into an integer

Recently found a very strange phenomenon, and many friends, there is a lot like computer 1.99GB, 3.93GB of the class of partition, but in fact we use the FDISK partition of the mind is not the case, and we hope that partition size is an integer such as 2GB, 4GB and so on, and we are obviously in the partition, 1GB = 1024MB according to formula, for example, points to 2GB on the importation of 2048MB. In fact during partition, the direct use 1GB = 1024MB of the formula is not correct, we just another formula to calculate the value of the integer division.

Here we want to partition the integer GB is set to "N", then the correct formula should be:

(N-1) * 4 +1024 * N

According to the results calculated by this formula units of MB. For example, you want to get a 2GB partition, apply the formula would be:

(2-1) * 4 +1024 * 2 = 2052MB

That is the FDISK partition, you can get a 2GB 2052MB enter the zone, but we usually enter the 2048MB of course, also appears as a 1.99GB.

Again, you want an 8GB partition, according to the formula (8-1) * 4 +1024 * 8 = 8220MB, you only need to enter 8220MB can get a 8GB integer partitions. Mastered this formula, any other partition size you can calculate that, now look at your hard drive, no 1.99GB partition, is not it look comfortable?

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aspect-oriented (AOP) and object-oriented (OOP) [1]

First of all you have to be clear that, AOP and OOP are two different point of view of cognition, not to say that just should not have AOP OOP.AOP concern is that the traditional OOP can not elegant solution. (Programmers often a perfectionist, and when to solve a problem is not elegant, it means not perfect.) following a simple example will illustrate how different they are in the end.

Using OOP for many years as a people, when I heard AOP can solve some OOP has not been able to solve the problem gracefully, I think we should tackling the relay them. Comparison of the two technologies give us the most practical applications provide insights. here I designed an example: a OOP applications, suitable for use in certain aspects of AOP.

This paper presents a simple example. Outset describes the problem domain, and then were given OOP and AOP solutions. Which uses JDK5.0, JUnit, and AspectWerkz. Finally, we illustrate how to write code. After reading this article, I hope you know what AOP in the end, what kind of problems to solve. (because of the examples in the back of AOP used Java5.0 endorsement (Annotation), the reader first understand. - Translator Note).

Problem domain description

A software company hire a programmer, a business unit assigned to him and asked him to keep the manager. When team members accomplish their goals, the manager will give them the corresponding bonus. Companies need the program to be able to add a new employees and current employees to increase the prize money. For convenience, we use the CSV file to store data.

Figure 1 Solution Model

Category Manager (Manager) inherited from the class Employee, contains an additional attribute, Managing Project. A sector may contain a lot of employees. Constitute the company's various departments. Without consideration of the company such a class, because it is outside the problem domain.

Solution Design

The following diagram describes the solution design.

Figure 2, the interaction between objects (add a new employee, assigned to his department and manager)

For simple, this article concerns only the necessary details. Of course you can get what you want in-depth code and other information.

[Link] [/ link]

EmployeeServiceTestCase, a JUnit test case to simulate an end user, create new employee records, assigned departments and managers. It gets all of the available data on departments and managers and shows the graphic interface. BusinessUnit domain object to instantiate and Manager, access to records will be passed to the factory class. After passing through a reference to EmployeeService to create an Employee object. EmployeeFactory use this service to create an object class, and pass this object to be persistent EmployeeRepository operation.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Looking for a breakthrough signing strangers

Strange stranger in conversation is a major oral communication difficulties, handled well, can hit it off, Brief Encounter; not handled properly, can lead to lot of eye contact, awkward silence.

Living in a hotel on business recently and witnessed a live show: a first, but I have been living leisurely in bed watching TV, one by one before me and live, down bag, a little swab of times, rushed a cup of strong tea, side products from the side of those who came before me: "Master to a long time to listen?" "than the first guests to the moment." He was reading my side, pointing his mouth. "Ting Kouyin not the Northern people ah?" "Oh, Shandong Zaozhuang people!" Ah, Zaozhuang is a good place, ah! Primary school when I was in the "Railway Guerrillas" comic strip on the know. Zaozhuang a trip three years to go, but also a considerable interest has been playing with it. "After hearing this, immediately to customers who interested in Zaozhuang, Zaozhuang and two from the guerrillas on railway opened, and that intimacy, I am afraid I do not know exact details of people come to believe that they are a bargain. Then is give each other a card, dine together, sleep still in their side before the parties actually signed a contract to bring the word: Zaozhuang guest ordered a group of Southern style in a leather factory barrel; southern Jiangsu, where guests get a group of guests from Zaozhuang reasonable price bargaining coal. they met, talked and success, is that they have found the "Zaozhuang," "Railway guerrillas" are familiar with this common ground.

How can we find common ground between strangers do the same?

1, inspected the facial expressions, a stranger to find common with the

A person's psychological state, spiritual pursuits, life-loving, etc., are all more or less in their facial expressions, clothing, conversation, manners and so on to do well, as long as you are observant, you will find common ground. Take a veterans meet the same stranger, position just behind the driver. Car broke down soon after the road, the driver of a car truck through busy not fix. The stranger proposed to oil line and then check again the driver, the driver gave it a once skeptical way to really find the cause. The veteran felt that his unique skills may be learned from the forces of. Then test: "You spent time in the army, right?" "Ah, staying in 2067." "Oh, we two should be considered to be comrades in arms then. You military service, where troops ?"..... . So that up to strangers to talk, said that later they became friends. This is observed each other after the discovery had been a soldier of this common ground. Of course, the police found what facial expressions, but also fun loving with their combination of his interest in this also, the atmosphere is possible to break the silence. Otherwise, find common ground, it also found nothing to say, or about 12 on the "stuck."

2, in order to test if exploration and reconnaissance in common.

Two strangers on the value, in order to break the silence of the situation, speak, is the first, was to greet the opening, ask each other origin, identity, from which access to information; some accent by listening to words, words, surveillance of each other; others to action opening, side to help each other some much-needed help to do something, then try to test the side; and some are even asking for a light smoke and other features can be found, look for open oral communication situation. 2 Chronology of a county from the car, sitting on a bench. One of them asked, "Where I get off?" "In the end, you?" "Me too, you go to Nanjing, where?" "I went to Shanxi Road, Nanjing, relatives something, you're here are you?" "Is not , I was visiting relatives from Nanjing to. "After the two sides of the" fire detection ", the two sides of the county are familiar with, understanding of Nanjing, are relatives of the common ground to clear. After the two men found common ground on the other side very pumping machine, got off the other side is also a reciprocal invitation to a guest. This harmonious effect appears to be accidental, and indeed there is the inevitable result: the "fire detection", found common ground, while driving to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Office of the effects produced.

3, listening person, guessing common.

Friends drop in for you to encounter a stranger here, as are familiar to both the owner, immediately came forward for both parties, tell about the relationship between the parties and the masters of their own identity, work unit, or even personality, hobbies, etc. so, careful people can be found immediately from the introduction, and they have nothing in common with each other. One is the County Price Bureau of the Chief and a "County" teachers to meet in a friend's house, and the owner this was introduced to strangers, they soon discovered that the students are masters of this common ground, immediately around the "students" is a breakthrough in a conversation, mutual knowledge and understanding of, and even up to become intimate. That which is important when listening to introduction of careful understanding of each other, find common ground and then extended in the conversation, continue to discover new topics of common concern.

4, try to figure out conversation, and explore common ground.

In order to find their common ground with strangers, who may require communication with the care of other people talking, try to figure out, you can own in each other and try to figure out each other's words when talking, and found common ground. In a department store in Guangzhou, one of the attendants in the South China Sea Fleet, said: "Will you show me that thing." Also "I" as the dictionary might not find authentic Northern dialect. Another man in Guangzhou is a Northern army service. After listening to the former remark, also pointing to the shelves of a commodity on the salesperson said something similar, then, two infiltration between the lines all the words northern Jiangsu local flavor, so that the two strangers a laugh, to buy their own buying something out of the store to talk up question from the home to the troops, from the present task of talking about the road traveled over the years, introduces the future plan. Side of the body in a foreign land a pair of fellow's affectionate enthusiasm, knowledge of how people will not believe this is because the other one dialect and try to figure out the result. Shows that carefully try to figure out the other side of the conversation was indeed the two sides can find common ground so that passers-by into a strange acquaintance, become friends.

5, step by step in depth, excavated in common.

Find common ground is not too difficult, but it can only be the initial stage of the conversation required. With chat-depth, more and more common. In order to talk to each other more useful, we must dig deeper for a common step by step, to wish fulfilled. A vacation of college students and a comrade in the work of the Court, in a common meal with friends, being introduced by the master, the stranger talked together, and slowly find two unhealthy trends in society's views have common ground, unwittingly started the discussion, they are from the appalling social phenomenon, about the soil and roots produced from the role of democracy and the rule of law, about the expectations of the party and the country. The more talk about more in-depth, on both sides from the more reduced the more, the more common ground on both sides more. Both sides later spoke to the students understand that the community understand the Court's comrades and the masses of information outside the requirements, and enhance the consciousness of every effort to correct unhealthy tendencies are beneficial.

Are still many ways to find common ground, such as facing a common living environment, common tasks, common direction of the road, living habits, etc., as long as carefully find a stranger could say nothing about the situation is not difficult to break .

Wish the world could meet a stranger as ever, passionately devoted.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Workplace hide and seek, go to work the next film

On the one hand, increasing saving and convenient means of communication, communication costs, improve efficiency, on the other hand, owners of "how to ensure employees during working hours, without distractions," tried a variety of ways, from not have access to work-related web pages , to prohibit the use of QQ, MSN and other instant messaging tools to work can not download the content is not relevant to the content, can not be any break with the experiment and so all kinds of hacker attacks, provides variety, from the network to the CIO, various techniques is endless.

The office workers, the understandable focus on work, but many corporate network environment is very good, allowing a pity to waste. Therefore, appropriate use of work time to download some movies to see with a mobile hard drive home test is a very pleasant thing. But I am afraid most of the company's network will not allow. Here I recommend using the Mini Express (FlashGet Mini)

To the next without anybody knowing who to favorite movies, then we must first make face-saving projects, you can not swagger to download the software on the lower right corner of the system tray and tell everyone what do you download it. Also suspended are also particularly vulnerable to exposure to fire the window, so Mini Express "boss key" comes in handy.

(Figure 1)

Easy click hot key, download software Mini Express will mysteriously hidden up is easy, of course, hot keys can also define, design is very considerate.

Of course this is only superficial work, in order to make network management is not suspicious, there is an important thing to do, that is the speed limit. After all, the bandwidth resources of each company, the maximum number of connections and other resources are limited, you download the exhilaration of a person, my colleagues do not have e-mail sent on. Therefore, access to resources must be restrained. Speed limit there is no need special machinery, depending on the time can be flexibly adjusted, for example, when you work overtime at night, you can let go of some speed.

Do not underestimate the on-going accumulation at home connected to the mobile hard drive, fun to enjoy their own "workplace fruit" it!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Customize your life password

Electronic medical records is not our ultimate goal, the formation of a continuous time, content integrity, the public health records available to share our life and health is the master key password.

One life, from birth to death, all the conditions on his body are in electronic form will be recorded in the Computer Information System: 1 length at age, body weight; 5 years of age suffer from several cold; 13 years of age ride falls the leg, stitches; 25 years of age fixed once appendicitis; 50 years of age with high blood pressure a little bit ... .... No matter which hospital he was in no need to repeat asked, doctors can see through the network all his health information to carry out rapid diagnosis, detection and treatment.

This is the future of the hospital to give our services, now being referred to as public health information systems, electronic medical records is the next target. Years later, the medical information technology will be tailored to each of us life and health of the password.

The future of electronic medical records

Today, the people of the electronic medical records generally understood yes, the patient electronic medical records generated during the treatment process of all medical Jilu electronic, and digital technology these records, Jiegou of Chulicunchu, and then store the data for Xiang Ying Tigong on the query, search, statistics, research services. Written medical records electronic medical record is set, medical quality control, sharing, services in an integrated clinical information system. However, this is only a narrow electronic medical records.

In fact, the generalized electronic medical record is the continuation of people throughout the life of all records generated in the process of information, including not only medical records, but also include other vital signs information, eventually forming a continuous, comprehensive personal health record can also be call public health information, it covers the life from the birth until the end of the life of all relevant health information, is a continuous time in space on the full coverage of all involved in the life and health-related information, so the electronic medical record system development trends will be of public health information systems

Currently, electronic medical records systems have been implemented in some medical institutions, and achieved good results, not only improve the quality of writing records, but also improve health care institutions the degree of clinical information, but these electronic medical records systems are basically the medical institutions units, medical history, the basic limit information sharing within the medical information in medical institutions, and only records the treatment of patients in the medical unit of information, records of content restrictions on out-patient medical records, medical records, etc., between different medical institutions can not be sharing, which also limits the application of medical records. Therefore, the same person spread of electronic medical records stored in different medical institutions, can not form a complete record of the life and health.

Therefore, it is foreseeable that the future of electronic medical records will be the development of the following two aspects:

* Content of a more complete electronic medical records include not only the patient's outpatient medical institutions, hospital information, but also including birth information, immunization records, medical information, health care and other information as well as spouses, children, parents, health related information, in addition to maternal and child specific health information. Through the collection of information, the contents of electronic medical records will be more complete, and can be extended in time and space covering the entire life.

* More extensive exchange of information based on current national health plan, medical institutions will develop in two directions, one large integrated health care institutions, and second, the medical community. This event may lead to a treatment different medical institutions, and different medical institutions to form their own characteristics, different diseases will choose a different medical institutions. All information exchange electronic medical records will put a higher demand.

Electronic medical records include a variety of health information, not only information but also clinics and other related information, the information from different systems and different architectures and even different agencies. Put this information together to form a complete health records must provide an "electronic medical record data warehouse" system, the system collects from various structures of health information, and provide external information sharing services, the system must have the corresponding interfaces, and different systems can exchange information and exchange format to General. Across multiple operating systems, programming languages and hardware platforms and integrated software applications which can not be a specialized environment to solve, for now, Web services technology and XML technology to better meet the information exchange of electronic medical records needs.

Key Technologies

Completion of this electronic medical record system is critical that the Web services technology. Web services allow applications to be platform and programming language-independent way to communicate with each other a technical. Web service is a software interface that describes a group on the network through standardized XML messaging access operation. It uses protocols based on XML language to describe the action to perform or to exchange with another Web service data.

Web service uses the XML can be truly platform-independent way to describe any (all) data in order to exchange data across systems, so turned to loosely coupled applications. Moreover, Web services can be more abstract level, a more abstract level can be dynamically re-evaluate as needed, modify or handle data types. So, speaking from a technical level, Web services can more easily process the data, and allows software to communicate more freely.

The concept of a higher level of speaking, Web services as we can some work units, each dealing with specific functions and duties. Web services attempt to resolve the main problem is the data and the application program was incorporated in the problem, is a technical function conversion into the calculation of Ren Wu Oriented problem. So Web services for different medical institutions providing technical support information exchange.

Ecological composition

Public health system is a system of information collection, exchange and services to the system, wants to different sources of information systems and information systems integration of consumer interaction, these systems directly affect the application of degrees of efficacy in application level of the whole system, include:

Only identifies public health community to continuously record the information, every citizen must provide a unique identity logo. For now, the public can be used for Medicare medical insurance card, health insurance for non-members of the public can adopt a unified social security card issued, in addition to vital signs of identification can be used, such as fingerprints.

Hospital information system (HIS) HIS system is the first medical institutions throughout the information technology foundation, HIS system provides the basic information of all medical events, including events (outpatient, inpatient) occurred at a time, clinical departments, clinics and doctors, in addition to including medical consultation during the processing of prescriptions, medical advice, diagnosis and other information, such information is summarized from the overall state of describing an event.

Electronic medical records system (EMR) electronic medical records system to produce the most important medical information, it records in detail through the entire treatment process, including patient records, hospital records, hospital records, surgical records and death records, the information content of health major components, which not only describes an incident handling process, but also statistics and an important source of external data services.

Laboratory system (LIS) inspection system disease information on the patient's body to analyze the quantitative data, which doctors diagnose and treatment plan an important basis for life in patients with physical disease but also a detailed description.

Medical Imaging Systems (PACS) medical imaging system on the patient provides the most intuitive image description, these images are also diagnosed and an important basis for development of information programs.

Medical system generated in the process of testing physical examination, laboratory data, and the medical section and the total inspection findings is also one of the elements of information exchange.

Maternal and child health systems for women (especially pregnant women), children's health-care system to produce birth, birth, immunization and physical examination of the health information is the beginning part of the lives and health information.

Community Health Systems community health system include general health information community residents registration records, and chronic disease, disability management.

The system basically includes all the life processes of health record information generated. These systems are being implemented in our country, for the public health system, laid the foundation for the exchange of information.

Exchange Language

These systems form a regular health information data, and only when these data can be generated between the exchange and sharing of time, can become useful information, it is necessary to consider the exchange interface. In general, the public health system needs to exchange interfaces include the following:

User interface, including basic information on the registration of the public unique identity, the public basic information such as registration and public search.

The interface application data submitted to the health system to information exchange as a one-time event, each case must provide basic general information, an event the event Caiyong a global unique identification number Jinxing, Suoyouzheci occurring health events are both sent Zhege number as the basis for action.

Public health system, including information collection and information dissemination interface, which interface through Web services, dissemination, and transfer content used in all XML 鏍煎紡, Ke Yi ensure that all information interactive system of Tiaoyong He Shujujiaohuan.

Health information to the interface to health information created for each event to develop a different directory specification, the health of these directories for different events can be expanded flexibly. To regulate all health XHTML format and XML format using the definition of different health information content can be expanded flexibly.

External data access interface provides data access services, including public health information, the public health profile index of public health information and detailed public health information. These message formats using XHTML and XML format, you can use the browser, etc. to facilitate the view.

Security control

Privacy protection of public health content is the scope of legal protection by the state, so the public health system must provide secure and reliable data transfer mechanism to ensure the security data storage, transmission and viewing. Security includes two aspects:

1. Authentication and Authorization Authentication is the process of identification, which is a layer of security controls.

The application to grant access to the public health information before, it must confirm the identity of the requester. Requester by providing some form of credentials to establish an identity, only the requester of the identity and authentication host know. In some cases, the requester may want to validate the identity of the host authentication, this is called mutual authentication.

Authority is to verify whether an authenticated party has permission to access specific resources the process, it is the authentication of security control layer after, not only because of the authentication host has confirmed the identity of the requester, would necessarily mean that the requester authenticated have the correct permissions to access specific resources.

For example, the public must provide the public card and verify the PIN to verify the identity of the user, but users have access only to view information on the operation of their privileges.

Visitors must be members of the public health information through legitimate authentication and authorization to access specific resources, information, identity and authority to strictly control the resources, and resolutely put an end to the illegal access of public health information.

2. Data security

Data storage security and transport security, including security, data encryption, while the use of encryption algorithms and encryption keys to render the data, neither for the proper algorithm to decrypt the data and no keys were meaningless. Encryption key is an additional variable used in the algorithm. By the key encryption key that contains restrictions contained in the median value. Encryption key to allow multi-use does not endanger a public algorithm and encrypted data with the algorithm.

Public health system is based on the Internet or virtual private network to transmit data, these networks may be unsafe, so use at least 128-bit encryption key way ciphertext transmission. Each data exchange organizations have made in the public health system, a public private key pair, all members of the public health information asymmetry in the transmission have been encrypted before, and then to network transmission, which ensures the transmission of information to public health security.

In short, the electronic medical records system into the public health system, not only do the various medical institutions to share information, and each time the public can form a continuous, full content of the health information record.

Electronic Medical Record Research Committee

In order to study China's electronic medical record standards and international standards, in May 2006, the Ministry of Health Information Center and the Intel Research Council set up an electronic medical record, the agency's goal is to study the processes related to electronic medical records, standards, platforms and other infrastructure issues to jointly promote the development of domestic electronic medical records.


The scope of electronic medical records

1. The patient basic information: name, date of birth and other information, blood type, allergies, family history and other information;

2. Course records: admission diagnosis, medical advice, discharge diagnosis, course information, etc.;

3. Nursing records: three single measurements such as text graphics information;

4. Check the inspection records: the inspection report sheet, computed tomography (CT or CAT) images, magnetic resonance images, DR images, DSA video, X-rays, ultrasound images and photos;

5. Operation record: Before, during and after the recording and video.


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Open YouTube to iPhone

Open YouTube to iPhone is the fastest DVD movie to iPhone video converter software so far in the world. and reliable tools for DVD MPEG2 video to iPhone video format video conversion. Almost all kinds of DVD formats was supported by Open YouTube to iPhone. With YouTube to iPhone Converter, you can convert almost all kinds of YouTube to iPhone video (mp4) format. Its conversion speed is far faster than real-time, converting one DVD movie only takes half an hour in some high-end computers. Open DVD Movie to iPhone Video Converter supports single-step conversion of DVD video into iPhone-ready MPEG-4 format while some other soft wares need two steps which wastes unnecessary time.

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